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Post: Business Dinner – hosted by CTC Tel Aviv in Ramallah (24 December 2019)

On 22 November 2019, the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Palestinian Federation of Business Associations signed the establishment of a Joint Business Council, in the presence of the Cypriot Minister of Foreign Affairs and his Palestinian counterpart.

Having brokered the agreement between the two Associations, the Head of CTC Tel Aviv, Sofronis Papageorgiou, hosted a business dinner for Palestinian business leaders in Ramallah, marking the attainment of this significant milestone, resulting from our on-going efforts to advance and promote economic relations between the Cypriot and the Palestinian business communities.

Attendees included the Chairman and the General Manager of the Palestinian Federation of Business Associations, as well as distinguished representatives of investment/financial institutions (Palestinian Investment Fund, Arab Islamic Bank), business associations (Palestinian Information Technology Association of Companies, Jenin Businessmen Forum) as well as the corporate arena, spanning a variety of sectors; investments, renewable energy, iron & steel, ICT, health, food & beverage and trading.

During the event, the guests were briefed on the economic and investment landscape in Cyprus and had the opportunity to share views on future actions stemming from the establishment of the Joint Business Council, to pinpoint specific commercial opportunities, as well as to address challenges in assuring the effectiveness and ease of doing business on either side.