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Post: Cyprus Delegation – DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival (16-19 September 2019)

For the 3rd year in a row, CTC Tel Aviv is proud to be working alongside the Bank of Cyprus in leading a team of stakeholders from the Cypriot research and innovation ecosystem to their successful participation to DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival, whilst contributing to the enrichment of the experience of the delegates with additional site visits and meetings.

The Cyprus Delegation for 2019 was composed by representatives from the Economic Diplomacy Department of the Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the IDEA Accelerator/Incubator, the ARIS Accelerator, the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA), the Research and Innovation Foundation and a high number of inspirational young entrepreneurs, (co-)founders of startups. Participating startups: Able Book, ACF Atokes, Activitygogo, BLCP, ForPeople, Fundscribe, Meera, M&I Join my Wifi, Shelvino, Slim Payments, Stampi.

DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival is an international event, promoting innovation in the region and beyond. It aims to boost international cooperation, facilitate collaborations and partnerships, connect young talent to multinational corporations and provide opportunities for young entrepreneurs to learn, to expand their horizons, to network and to develop new ideas.

During the days of the Festival, the city of Tel Aviv is filled with satellite events, promoting Israeli innovation in culture, music, food and arts.

2019 was another busy and successful year for DLD, hosting an impressive number of over 28,000 Festival participants, including 9,020 Conference participants (50% from abroad) whilst hosting more than 100 corporate events (by tech giants and others) and giving the opportunity to more than 150 startups to showcase their work and to several national delegations to be hosted and to present at the National Pavilion.